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Easy Launch Trailer

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  • Quick Launch of Helikite

  • High Speed Towing

  • All Accessories Stored Securely

  • Durable / Cost Effective

  • Towed By Any Vehicle

  • Easy To Use

Helikites are truly tactical aerostats. Deployable within seconds and capable of long-duration, all-weather flight to thousands of feet. They are lightweight to transport, easy to understand and fly. They are very steady platforms in foul weather, have a tiny footprint and only ever need one or two people in any weather.


Helikites make mobile, low cost, persistent aerial surveillance possible.


They can lift cameras way above the range of small arms fire and often out out of sight of the naked eye for truly covert surveillance. Tactical Helikites enable the instant creation of long-term, reliable, high bandwidth, over-the-horizon communications between personnel and vehicles. This allows internet protocol ad-hoc radio networks to be extended from headquarters out to personnel and unmanned vehicles situated far away. Thus enabling control of unmanned ground vehicles, security cameras, sensors etc. to occur via the internet. So operators situated thousands of miles away can take over the work of local security personnel.

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